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Director=James Gray.
Scores=161088 vote.
Writed by=James Gray

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The 1/10 reviewers need to talk to their doctor for some anti-depressents.
Incredible, smart and visually stunning Ad Astra is one of the best and saddest films I’ve seen. Pitt is magnificent, he’s never been better.
It’s an arthouse film, so not for everyone. But so was Sunshine, 2001 and Blade Runner, all excellent films. So it’s not for everyone, it requires a little thought.
Visually, Ad Astra is unrivaled. Space has never looked better on film and the CGI was as good as it gets.
Set in the near future, the world is explained through on screen imagery, a nice change from the spoon feeding of most sci-fi’s. There’s a ton to see, just slightly out of focus and around the edges of shots.
It really is a wonderful watch. It might be emotionally hard for some viewers, but this film is here to tell a heavy story.
Overall I loved Ad Astra. I never really knew where it was going, but I enjoyed the conclusion and it’s powerful sentiments.

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